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Dear Customers,
our company, a leading Polish stone manufacturer has for years been engaged in natural stone processing supplying both monumental and building markets.
As of now we are happy to extend our services directly to the European's retail market and individual clients. These services, closely supervised and directed by us.
We produce cemetery monuments and headstones made exclusively of a few Scandinavia's most prestigious and famous granites of finest quality. With our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and exceptional workmanship, we are able to offer our customers quality products for an unbeatable price.
The client is presented with sketches and inscription details for approval before the order is being processed. Samples of actual material for the specific order are supplied on request at no charge.
Different shapes and sizes as well as client's own original designs are available. The lettering comes in various font types and includes paint, silver and gold options as a finish.
Each order is individually priced with no hidden extras and given to client in writing.
Another range of monumental products on offer to European's consumers, called the economy segment, provides a cheaper alternative to the more pricey Scandinavian goods.
Manufactured from a carefully selected white Polish granite of spotless quality, they are rectangular headstones 8 cm thick and come together with bases of the same thickness.

You can contact us by e-mail

Monument no 1

Swedish Granite Vanga,
base:109x32 cm, tablet: 105x57 cm

Monument no 2

Swedish Black Granite,
base:169x32 cm, tablet: 2x 64x56 cm

Monument no 3

Norwegian labrador Blue Pearl,
base:139x35 cm, tablet: 102x63 cm

Monument no 4

Swedish Granite Vanga,
base: 89x35 cm, tablet: 63x102 cm

Monument no 5

Norwegian labrador Blue Pearl,
base:125x35 cm, tablet: 64x50 cm

Monument no 6

Swedish Black Granite,
base:125x35 cm, tablet: 64x50 cm

Monument no 7

Swedish Black Granite,
base:110x32 cm, tablet: 100x61 cm

Monument no 8

Swedish Black Granite,
base: 94x32 cm, tablet: 53x79 cm

Monument no 10

Swedish Granite Bohus Grey,
base: 93x35 cm, tablet: 53x82cm

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